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PADI Distinctive Specialty
Divecaching Diver
Exclusively @ Haigh Quarry
Saturday July 11 & Sunday July 12
Introductory Offer!
This weekend, only $125.00  Regular fee $225.00
Prerequisites: Minimum age 15, PADI Adventure Diver with a Search & Recovery Adventure Dive.  Divers should have own GPS and Dry Bag to keep it safe.
3 dives are required for completion
4 dives planned for Saturday
2 dives planned for Sunday
All instruction by Great Lakes Dive Locker Lakeshore Scuba
Register at Haigh Quarry
Does not include rental equipment or entry fee to Quarry

OPEN WATER DIVER - Beginner  Scuba lifetime certification.  Minimum age 10, class includes , classroom session, confined water and four open water training dives,  and rental of scuba equipment, certification card, manual   $635.
Deduct $60.00 if taking online course

PADI OPEN WATER REFERRAL- Beginner scuba class that will teach you how to dive. Includes manual, scuba equipment. Does not include the certification dives or certification card. Minimum age 10. Includes confined water session and classroom session. $395.00 Year-round class.


OPEN WATER CERTIFICATION DIVES -  Busy Schedule??  You can schedule your four Open Water dives with us. Bring your class materials, dive store referral, medical release.   $295.00  This includes your Certification Card and entry to quarry.
Rental of Scuba Equipment extra

ADVANCED OPEN WATER - Increase your knowledge and enhance your skills with the Deep Diver, Navigation and 3 elective dives.  Includes certification card, manual.  Minimum age 12.  $350.00    
  Deduct $60.00 if taking online course


  RESCUE DIVER -  Gain confidence and be a better buddy, prepare for emergency situations.  Includes manual, certification card. $425.00 (Rental of scuba equipment extra)



ENRICHED AIR - Classroom only, learn about the safety and use of enriched (Nitrox) air.  No dives, includes materials and classroom and PIC   $175.00  PADI Online Study available. Year-round class.


DEEP DIVER - Become comfortable diving below 60 feet.  Includes instructor guided dives, materials and four dives (does not include scuba equipment)  $300.00

DISCOVER SCUBA - Try Scuba before committing to an Open Water Class.  One day instruction, includes rental of equipment.    $135.00  Year-round class. Includes Open Water dive when Quarry is open that does apply toward your Open Water Certification.

PEAK PERFORMANCE BUOYANCY - Become more confident and learn to redistribute your weight.  Instructor with 2 dives $165.00 Includes materials. (Does not include scuba equipment)

SEARCH and RECOVERY - Learn navigation and pattern techniques to recover "lost" items.  Includes manual, 4 dives.   $300.00 (Does not include scuba equipment)

WRECK DIVER - Learn proper techniques for penetrating and navigating on a shipwreck.  Manual, 4 dives.  $300.00 (Does not include scuba equipment)

DRY SUIT  - Increase your Dive Season. Learn to dive with a drysuit.Manual included $190.00. Does not include the rental of dry suit.  

SCUBA TUNE-UP- Refresh your skills in confined water before your next dive adventure. $165.00. Does not include equipment rental. Year-round class. Includes Open Water dive when Quarry is open.

EFR (Emergency First Response)- Learn/refresh your CPR and First Aid skills in this one-day four-hour class. $125.00 (Does not include study materials.) Year-round class.

PADI EMERGENCY OXYGEN PROVIDER- Learn how to administer oxygen in a dive emergency. $100.00. (Does not include study materials.) Year-round class. This certification will count toward your Master Scuba Diver rating.

EQUIPMENT SPECIALIST- Learn how to take care of your scuba equipment or learn more about the options before purchasing your scuba equipment. $100.00.  (Does not include study materials.) Year-round class. This certification will count toward your Master Scuba Diver rating.

DPV - Dive Propulsion Vehicle  Class inludes two dives under instructor supervision with the Bladefish 5000, manual,  certification card and entry to quarry. $225.00

HAIGH QUARRY DIVER  - *** A new distinctive specialty.   Geared toward newly certified divers and divers who seek a better understanding  and appreciation for quarry diving.  This is a two dive course. Includes the entry to the quarry and a slate map .  Does Not include rental of equipment.  $125.00

Self Reliant Diver -  Having trouble connecting with a dive buddy? No need for one once you are certified as a PADI self reliant diver. Learn the skills necessary to dive on your own. Must have 100 logged dives $295.00 Includes entry to quarry,  3 dives and session with instructor, certification card.    Does not include Scuba equipment.


DIVEMASTER - prequisites: minium age 18, Rescue Diver, current CPR/First Aid (we teach this course). This training develops your leadership abilities , qualifying you to supervise dive activities and assist instructors with student divers.  PADI Divemaster is the prerequiste certification for both the PADI Assistant Instructor & PADI Open Water Scuba instructor  certifications. $900.00 includes materials.

ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR - as an AI you not only gain additional experience as a PAI Professional scuba diver, but you also start learning the PADI System of diver education.  You can act as an instructional scuba assistant and assume limited teaching responsibilities. Minium age 18 & Divemaster certification.  $600.00 plus materials.

SPECIALTY INSTRUCTOR - varies depending on specialty.  These courses provide valuable teaching tips for meeting the requirement of the course.  You can choose from any of the standard specialty courses PADI offers along with distinctive specialty courses this Course Director offers.

EFR INSTRUCTOR - CPR & First Aid are important skills that are in high demand.  As an Emergency First Response Instructor you can teach these skills to anyone.  Minium age 18and current EFR rating.  $300.00 plus materials

DAN INSTRUCTOR - DAN instructors are scuba diving educators who want to offer dive safety programs to their students.  To become a DAN Instructor, you must participate in a DAN Instructor Qualification Course (IDC)  There are 9 courses that you can teach to your students.  Minium age 18, EFR Instructor and Divemaster rating. $100.00 per course plus materials


OXYGEN PROVIDER-  Learn how to administer oxygen in dive emergencies. This class is a prerequisite for many other DAN classes. $100.00 includes study materials. (PADI certification available for $30.00) Year-round class.

HAZARDOUS MARINE LIFE- Learn how to spot and avoid dangers before your next dive trip. Will also cover First Aid treatment. $100.00 includes study materials. (PADI certification available for $30.00) Year-round class.

ON-SITE NEURO ASSESSMENT-Learn how to spot the early stages of decompression sickness so you can get early treatment. $100.00 includes study materials. Year-round class.

AED FOR DIVERS- Learn how to use an AED in diving emergencies. $100.00 includes study materials. (PADI certification available for $30.00) Year-round class.

ADVANCED OXYGEN PROVIDER- Learn how to use a bag valve mask and manually triggered ventilator in this advanced class. $100.00 includes study materials. Year-round class.

Self Reliant Diver- Tired of looking for a buddy? Do you have 100 logged dives? Then you are eligible to be your own buddy.  This class includes a certification card and two dives.  $250.00. Does not include entry fee to quarry and rental equipment


** Haigh Quarry does not intend to compete with your local Dive Shop. We encourage you to support your local shop by renting equipment, purchasing
equipment and enrolling in their classes. 

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