The Akrotiri Wreck is the first in the series of six underwater sites known as Artifact Park.
Artifact Park was designed with one goal in mind.
That goal is to educate recreational scuba divers in the study of underwater archaeology.
SDI-TDI is the certifying agency for the Underwater Archaeology Program which was developed by Dan Howard , DJ's Scuba Locker.

The Underwater Archaeology Diver Program was carefully designed so that the recreational diver, under the direct supervision of a trained and cerrtified SDI instructor, will be able to learn the necessary techniques of underwater archaeology within a very short period of time.

A total hands-on-approach has been worked into every aspect of each individual course. Upon completion of the four-part certification program the student diver will have gained the necessary knowledge needed to successfully map and survey any shipwreck or submerged cultural resource site they are called to work on.

Registration is Now Open. Classroom and Pool Session to be held at DJ's Scuba Locker.
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