Patricia York
9/26/2008 9:39 PM

thanks, duh,, so today i was looking over some of the lot. ill keep looking into putting it all in one list but for now i have a wet suit, two peices top crutch snap for warmer water and long sleeve, and farmer top full suit, Like overalls. brand ???? ill gget back about that. uuuuuuu this the mateerial, 2 pair, one is nicer with the felt bottoms, and the other are soild likematerial not soled. also good for inside fins. or sand - surfin the surf...suuit and the like are thick rubber foam and is blue, no tears, no snags. poliurnthiene material. :( sorrry im not really sure , but its mine and i used it and took care of it. however its about 15- 20 years old. not my size now,... ladys med. and boots, gloves, two finger and thumb, rubber hat, ok more later.