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4/20/2007 10:47 PM

Hey Everyone!

Ready for being an early riser?

Anyone can buddy with me for Deep Hole and other sites.  I will be there by 9 am this Sunday.  I would like to be in the water by 945am. Two morning dives with 10 minutes surface interval is sufficent for me. 1st dive at 85 feet at Deep Hole for 18 minutes included 3 minutes safety stop. At surface, swim to a LARC buoy marker (about 5-7 minutes in distance then wait until 10 minutes) then set the compass at 60 degrees toward SS Flamingo and finally descend to LARC at 50 feet. Once we are at the wreck, we accomplish our mission then go swim around the ramp for fun to the exit. That is it.  Like for over a hour. Go home. How is that?  Any suggestion? I would like to go home before 11-1130am. The visiblity is 40'. The coming summer will make a poor viz plus many clumsy new divers stir up the bottom. Let's grab this opportunity!

Your speedy response will be appreciated!

Hope to see you there! That day is supposed to be very warm day at 79 degrees!


Dean Nolan
4/21/2007 1:31 AM

I'm still trying to make plans to be able to do this.  I've been out there the last couple of weekends, and now personal stuff is starting to pile up!  But you sound like you have a plan.  However, starting out at 9:45 and cramming in two dives before 11:00 sounds a little "condensed" for me.  If I go out, I would do the first dive, take a longer surface interval, then get a couple of more dives in and make a day of it. 

Viz is already muckier than it was three weeks ago when it was still amazing, about 60ft.  and it isn't becasue of divers, the algie is just starting to float around in the water now.  The deep hole last weekend still had some viz in it, but seemed to be darkening up by the minute when I was there. 

But it should be a great day for diving!  I probably won't need to wear my mittens and wool cap coming out of the water!

4/21/2007 6:45 AM


I realized the gate will be opened at 8am this Sunday --- not 9am!  I can expand the time between two dives. I am not sure what is their hourly schedule.

Darn! The viz is not getting any better at this time so the Deep Hole gets darker. I never saw the truck trails around the pit.


4/22/2007 2:58 AM

Due to many circumstances, I have to postpone this until mid-May.

Thanks, Michael