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Jesse Nicholson
5/10/2009 11:26 AM

Hey fellow divers,
I am looking for a dive buddy for Saturday, May 16, 2009. If someone is available for that day, please let me know. I will be diving with (2) 100cf hp steel doubles, (1) 80cf stage bottle and a dry suit for two long bottom dives. I am practicing for tech diving this summer.

john mcmahon
5/10/2009 11:35 AM

My wife and I will be there with some friends fro the weekend. All of us are Rec. divers and dive AL 80's, and wetsuits.
I know this doesn't fit your profile, but we will be by the west dock, or in the parking lot if my friend brings his camper. Stop by and we will both put faces to the handles.
John McMahon

Jesse Nicholson
5/10/2009 11:44 AM

Thank you for your hospitality, I will stop by and do a dive with you, if that's okay with you.

john mcmahon
5/10/2009 12:02 PM

Looking forward!