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Sean Hesler
9/19/2010 8:33 PM

I am thinking about driving in from Iowa this weekend, but need someone to dive with.  Anyone interested?

I'm relatively new to diving - been diving for about 3 years now - and I have my AOW certification.

If you're interested and available, contact me at

Dan Ockenfels
9/20/2010 8:30 AM

Hey there

I'm also in Iowa and I'm trying to make it out to Haigh Quarry in the next two weeks.  I was planning on going the 25th, but a buddy needs help on his house and already asked about that weekend, so I had tentatively moved the diving trip back to the weekend of Oct 2nd.

Is heading down to Haigh a week later an option for you?  If so, I'd be happy to join you - possibly even car pool it and split gas depending on where you're at.  (I'm in the Cedar Rapids / IC Area).

If you're set on the 25th, I most likely won't make that unless the construction plans change in the next few days for my friend here... if they do however, I'll definitely let you know that as well.

dethfyre at hotmail dot com

john mcmahon
9/20/2010 8:37 AM

I work every weekend, closest I can come.

Sean Hesler
9/21/2010 8:25 PM

Not sure I understand. Are you available this weekend, or do you have to work?

Jim Breslin
9/24/2010 10:22 PM

I will be down at the quarry at about 8:30am on the 25th.
Ask Tina, or Dirk where I am.

Jim Breslin

Sean Hesler
9/26/2010 5:17 PM


Sorry about the late reply.  I didn't see your message until today.  I was contacted by someone else via the exchange forum, so I had a buddy.  Maybe we can connect the next time I come to HQ.

john mcmahon
9/27/2010 8:49 AM

As stated, I work every weekend.
The link was for a group of divers 'The Chicag Scuba Meetup'.
They generally have someone there.

Sean Hesler
9/27/2010 9:23 AM

Oh, I see.

Thanks for the link h2odragon1.