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steven Rinkaavge
1/3/2011 1:03 PM

I have a Whites Dry Suit in great condition for sale for you winter divers. $400.00 just looking to get rid of it because its collecting dust. Call 757-553-1570 or Email at for further details. Thanks for looking.

john mcmahon
1/4/2011 10:19 AM


steven Rinkaavge
1/4/2011 10:29 AM

Sorry its a mens Large
Im 6'1'' and it fits with plenty of room for warm clothing under.
I would say it will fit someone between 5'9'' to 6'3''.

michael springer
10/4/2011 9:38 AM

Did you sell this? If not, what model of suit is it as well?

Peter Pao
3/2/2012 7:25 PM

I am interested in your White drysuit. I need to know the age and size.

how tall are you ? what is your weight?

Thank you, Peter