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Stuart Parker
6/9/2011 10:12 PM

My name is Stuart and I am looking for a dive buddy for the morning of July 6th for Haigh Quarry. I am visiting the Dixon,Il area the week of July 4th and the 6th would be my only option for diving. I am a divemaster and have been diving for 11 years.

john mcmahon
6/10/2011 3:02 PM

Ask Tina to direct you to the Chicago Scuba Meet-up group. There's always someone there most often near the west platform

Stuart Parker
6/11/2011 12:44 AM

Well that sounds great.  Any special time in the morning, or just head over to the group when I arrive.?  Thanks for the response I will try to arrive by 830 on July 6th.  I think it will be about a 2 hr drive from Dixon.


john mcmahon
6/11/2011 10:38 AM

I just looked at the calendar, the 6'th is a Wed. CSM is usually ther on the weekends.

There should be a few divers there to buddy up with though!

Javier Puentes
6/27/2011 6:13 AM

Hello. My name is Javi. I have an advanced open water diver this will be my 2nd season diving and I can dive Wednesday the sixth if your still intrested