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Jeff W
7/5/2013 9:25 AM

I just got some new equipment and want to give it a few test runs at the quarry.   Am looking for some time between July 20th and the end of August.    Ideally weekends but might be able to manage a week day.    AOW certified.

Shawn Gavin
7/6/2013 5:35 PM

If you're interested in Sundays, I'd like to join you. I can do next Sudant, July 14.


Phillip Walter
7/7/2013 4:55 PM

I just posted about trying to go 07/08, let me know if you can swing that, or if any other time this week works I can manage something then.

Shawn Gavin
7/7/2013 7:48 PM

Afraid I can't go on the 8th -  though I'd much rather dive than work, I don't have much of a choice.