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chris knight
4/10/2015 10:10 PM

Its about to warm up, I'm looking to make a few connections with local divers.. I'm fairly new to diving, recently got all my gear and I'm eager to log more dives...If anyone's looking for someone to dive with a couple times a month over the summer, let me know ...


Jeff Paige
4/13/2015 3:24 PM

I'm going to be in the area on Saturday June 20th.  I too am pretty new to diving.  Looking for a buddy to do at least 2-3 dives that day.  

chris knight
4/13/2015 6:21 PM

I'm game for that... Send me a message here when the time gets a little closer.. I'll remember to do the same as well...


david faulhaber
4/14/2015 10:49 AM

Hey Chris are you free during the week at all, i have some days off ever week.

other wise we can get hook up some weekend.


chris knight
4/14/2015 11:08 AM

Hey David . ..

I have some vacation time end of may... I'd like to go a couple times then for sure..I'll check that schedule and let u know what dates could work for me.. But other than that, probably could work out a weekday here and there.. 

david faulhaber
4/14/2015 11:48 AM

just let me know 


Shaun Johnson
4/14/2015 8:48 PM

I'm looking for buddy Sunday 4/19. If your interested email me.  I am AOW with 200 dives

chris knight
4/15/2015 12:25 PM

I can't make the 19th.. But please keep me in mind for future dives..


Christopher Rosenhagen
4/15/2015 10:19 PM

I'm usually available most weekends with a little notice. I'm about 45 minutes away from the quarry. Aow, nitrox etc. 



Jim C
4/29/2015 3:35 PM

Looking for a dive buddy May 2, 2015. PADI open water.  Any interest?

Richard Wolff
5/1/2015 7:52 AM

I am very experienced at Haigh and also the warm waters of the Caribbean but I am more than willing to buddy up with others new to diving and/or new to Haigh, but only after I can put aside my full 7 mm and hood and gloves and go with my full 3mm - late June?. Hiagh has a great family atmosphere on the weekends, by the way. 

Tim Keller
5/11/2015 10:24 PM

Hi all,

I'm new to diving (just certified) and would also like to throw my name in as somebody looking for dive buddies.  Is anybody looking to dive Haigh this weekend 5/16 or 5/17?  I'd love to meet up and do some touring of the quarry.


david faulhaber
5/12/2015 3:58 PM

Hey Tim

i can not make this weekend but keep posting when you are free. i am also looking for divers during the week if any one is free let me know

chris knight
5/12/2015 5:17 PM

Hey Dave.... I'm on vacation next week.. Probably be thinking about setting up a day of diving if your available... 


david faulhaber
5/12/2015 5:24 PM

so sorry does not work figures. but keep posting when you can dive and we will get hook up 

Tim Keller
5/13/2015 11:24 AM

I will keep everyone informed when I can dive again.  I can't wait for the next adventure.  After doing my open water dives I've been anxiously awaiting my next trip to the quarry with the hope of seeing much more.  I should be good to dive in June and beyond and on a plus note hopefully the water will warm up a bit.


chris knight
5/13/2015 11:47 AM

I'm looking for a dive partner or two for next week.. I'm on vacation and would like to visit the quarry a couple times.. Let me know if anyone's available..


paul lair
5/17/2015 5:27 PM

Im free Friday 5/22 most of the day early am till mid afternoon.  drysuit and nitrox cert.


paul lair
5/18/2015 3:16 PM

Looking for a dive buddy Friday 5/22, can dive most of the day from early am to four pm or so, looking to do a dive check on some new equipment before a lake Michigan dive.  So really up for any type of diving South wall, etc. 

if interested please email me.



chris knight
5/18/2015 3:18 PM

Hey Paul... I'll dive with ya Friday morning..... Emailing u now...

Jeff McKey
5/22/2015 2:00 PM

Looking for a dive buddy for this weekend, my schedule is pretty much wide open. Email me if you're interested. 

6/15/2015 1:56 PM

I live in Bradley and am often available most weekdays for diving -> email me at if you are interested

paul lair
6/18/2015 1:50 PM

Anyone up for a Friday dive(s) 6/19

Just a nice easy morning-afternoon dive cookout and so on. 

let me know if you can dive