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6/9/2015 1:25 PM

I am available for diving most weekdays during the summer (and live very close).  If you are interested in diving when it is not too busy (i.e. during the week), contact me.  (24 hours heads up is helpful but not necessary).

Cathy Bariess

mary dahl
6/13/2015 8:28 AM

Anyone available june 17th or 18th


6/15/2015 1:55 PM

I'm available -> email me at

Hilary Rose
6/25/2015 9:16 AM

Hi Cathy, I have some time open next week.  6/30 or 7/1.  Would you be interested in diving? I live about 1.5 hours away from Haigh. 
I am a retired SCUBA instructor, and enjoy messing with my camera underwater.  Let me know.  Regards.

6/29/2015 10:56 AM

Normally yes, but Tuesday I will be horseback riding and Wednesday I will be getting my self-reliant cert.

Hilary Rose
6/29/2015 11:18 AM

No problem, perhaps another time.

mike tuntland
6/29/2015 2:11 PM

Who are you getting your self-reliant card from? Seems like the way to go when you want to dive randomly without having to worry about finding a buddy.

paul lair
6/30/2015 6:10 PM

Hi Cathy

Interested in Diving July 2, Thursday?

Paul lair

Emmanuel Francis
7/26/2015 3:56 PM

Hello Cathy

I can only dive on Monday due to my work schedule.  My off day is on Monday.  I would like to dive on some Mondays.  Please let me know if you would like to dive on Mondays if you can, just let me know what day you like to go on.  Please call 773-269-8121 or email:


Emmanuel Francis

Scuba Dude
7/29/2015 4:37 PM

Hi. Are you diving diving the quarry or Lake Michigan?