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9/19/2007 12:27 PM

Looking for dive buddy on 9/28 for Friday night dive!

Jim Breslin
9/20/2007 3:32 AM

Good evening,
What time do you want to dive ?

I can get there by about 3pm.
Jim Breslin

9/20/2007 2:11 PM

I can get there by late afternoon (say 5:00 -6:00). I am coming from Lafayette, IN. If you have e-mail, mine is That's usually easier for me to check. Thanks!

Jim Allen

Jim Breslin
9/20/2007 2:54 PM

5 or 6 is a little too late for me.  I have to be home by 8 , so my wife and I can go to a party.
Sorry, Jim Breslin