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Dick Beeninya
1/25/2008 5:11 AM


I am an experienced diver looking to go to Haigh alot this year, primarly on the weekends.  If there is no ice in March than I will most likely be there opening day.

Email me at

I'm also looking to go to other dive sites within a 5 hour drive of Chicago sometime in Feb to get in the swing of things.


Tim Creighton
3/2/2008 10:35 PM

dive _ fanatic

My name is Tim aka scubatim.

Myself and good friend Joe do a lot of diving at Haigh.

We are also members of Stuck On Scuba www.stuckonscuba. Feel free to check out that web site.

As soon as Haigh opens and the water hits 50 degrees I will drop you a note and you can join Joe and myself for some diving at Haigh.

Ken Pratt
3/25/2008 10:04 AM

dive _ fanatic

I'm also an experienced diver, I'll be there Sunday March 30.