USA TODAY: 10 great places to go scuba diving right here in the US – even in the Midwest

Divers usually seek out distant waters for their adventures, but there’s plenty of places to explore closer to home, accordin...

The coral reefs in Indonesia need our help!

The coral reefs in Indonesia are being destroyed by a lovely star fish, the Crown of Thorns, COT. The locals are trying to re...

July 16: Jim Haigh Memorial Dive!

Raffles, Silent Auction and more! Click here for event details

PADI Women's Dive Day

This will be on July 15th, 2017.

October is Underwater Pumpkin carving month!

Stop by this month to carve some pumpkins!

Magilla Gorilla is in the water!

Come diving and say Hi to Magilla Gorilla.

Haigh Quarry Scubee Honey!

We now have Haigh Quarry Scubee Honey Half pint is $8.00 One pint is $15.00 All natural. Produced by our Haigh Quar...

Contest! Help us name Our Lady of the Lake!

Thank for all of the entries! The contest is over. Her name is Cocanita .

Jim Haigh Memorial Dive Article

Thank you to Scuba & H2O Adventures Magazine for publishing this great article! Read on their website or below.

New Paddlefish!

Thanks to the Shedd Aquarium. One of their older and larger paddlefish outgrew their tank - so he was brought to us on Wed th...