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Daniel Collins
3/21/2009 12:30 AM

Are we gong to confirm our standing Friday afternoon dives???.  Hope you had a good holday and all is well. 

john frambes
3/21/2009 6:52 PM

 dan i am ready for friday afternoon dives. dont think they open on fridays untill may. i will try to make it opening day april 4th. looking forword diving with you again. now that dive season is comming up i will check out  this fourm more often.

Dean Nolan
3/24/2009 10:42 PM


Say hello to me on April 4th!  I should be there..

Daniel Collins
3/27/2009 10:15 PM

Then we start in May.  I already know that May 1 in the afternoon will be good.  Going to Cozumel in April.  Dove Jamaica last Dec. Look forward to our dives.  Peace, Dan-

Daniel Collins
5/4/2009 6:33 PM

SEABUM:  This Friday is the second Friday in May.  The quarry s open on Fridays.  I have plenty of firewood.  Are we ready to dive this FRIDAY???  I suggest first dive at 2:00 p.m..  I am in.   Also will be diving this weekend at Haigh if anybody is in need of a dive buddy.  Peace, Dan

Daniel Collins
5/11/2009 4:36 PM

SEABUM:   What time Friday??? 2 worked well  last week, same time?  Dan       

john frambes
5/12/2009 5:49 PM

dan 2pm is fine. they are calling for thunder storms,