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7/12/2007 2:57 PM

I live in Kankakee and am usually open for a dive with less than 24 hour notification.  Email me ( if you are interested.  (I have advanced open water cert.).


Tim Creighton
7/12/2007 8:12 PM

Cathy if your looking to dive on Sunday Jim Haigh Memorial Dive a few of us from Stuck On Scuba are meeting at about 0730 and your welcome to join us. Just ask Tina where Tim and Joe are at, she will point you in the right direction.

7/24/2007 4:12 AM


I'm in Wheaton  and was hoping to find a buddy for a Monday. Friday, or Saturday dive or two at Haigh during August and September. Would you be willing and do you have a preference on the day?


7/26/2007 1:45 PM

Those days are normally available - However starting the last week in August - only on Sat.  What's good for you?


Kevin Cwirla
8/14/2007 7:10 PM

Hi Kathy, if you want to dive anytime during the week and or whenever let me know. Kevin

Dale Schue
8/15/2007 2:13 AM

Hi Cathy same here anytime you want to dive give a shout.  Dale

8/21/2007 11:24 PM

I am looking for a diving buddy for this Sat., Aug. 25.  I'm at a Master Diver level  with about 55 dives.  I have taken classes at the quarry but never just looked around.  Would like to get 2 - 3 dives in on Sat.  I like to start early since I rent my equipment there.  I'd be driving in from the Chicago suburbs.  My wife and kids aren't interested. 
Joe V